POSTED 6 Apr 2017 - 07:34

Should I move my business to the cloud?

Has anyone moved their operations to the cloud? How do you ensure your data is secure? Have the benefits (lower cost, convenience, etc) come through for you?
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27 Apr 2017 - 15:16

"The cloud" can mean many different things to different people. For the purposes of this answer, I'm speaking of public cloud enterprise solutions like, AWS, Azure or Microsoft Office 365. There are many business applications that are currently run from public cloud environments, and they are usually more safe and secure than anything you run on premise. Remember, these companies (and the data centres the run from) rely on your trust that their service will perform and be safe and secure, and will back that trust with certain contractual commitments. If anything happened to make you lose that trust, you could switch away from them and they could go out of business.

People often think that the cloud is mostly about cost savings, for example moving from capital expenditure as an up-front cost to lower ongoing operational expenses. However you should also be thinking about other parallel factors like convenience, the ability to scale, the access to new functionality through automatic upgrades, and the ability to work in new ways that these applications will provide. The ability to rapidly prototype, or to run up quick new solutions, is one of the benefits also.

Cloud isn't a magic bullet. You need to think about the business problem you're trying to solve, and working backwards from there. Having said that, most companies these days are thinking cloud-first when it comes to their business and IT operations. If you want a free assessment as to what can work for you, reach out to us at

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11 Apr 2017 - 08:04

Moving to the cloud and enjoying it benefits isn't as straight-forward as it seems. Business owners tend to be driven to cloud deployments due to the perceived lowering of costs and the increase in convenience. However, it was once told to me, "cloud is nothing more than just your data on someone's hardware". How do you ensure that your data is secure and remains that way?

Unfortunately, cloud deployments are seldom a deploy-once and forget. Its always an on-going process to maintain the integrity and the security of the data and the applications on the cloud, just like one do so on a on-premise solution. The considerations of cloud deployment was varied and should be considered carefully.

For a start, consider moving less critical portions of your business to the cloud, learning and experiencing as one goes alone before embarking on the process whole-heartedly.

Over the years, we have seen businesses move from on-premise solutions to the cloud but the reverse is also true. The exercise and considerations should not just be on the perceived savings alone. Are your operations procedures ready to embrace the cloud? Are your staff ready to take on more considerations about sensitivity and control? What about backups and business continuity procedures if the cloud provider isn't accessible? Then again, with a well-thought-out deployment plan, moving to the cloud can also be a rewarding exercise as the sky's the limit!

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