Is small Singapore a good test bed for new technologies?

OVER the last eight years, I've been lucky enough to see Singapore's evolving landscape as a test bed for new technologies. Earlier this year, I started a venture developing and investing in...

Singapore's soft labour market curbs inflation; external outlook brightens: MAS

A SOFT labour market, downbeat consumer sentiment and uneven domestic growth are curbing price increases in Singapore, said its central bank, adding that unemployment rates may rise slightly this...

A*Star to set up two model plants as test beds for new tech and innovation

The research agency's Tech Access scheme will provide companies, particularly SMEs, with access to A*Star's base of advanced manufacturing facilities so that they can build expertise through the...

More foreign internships for local undergrads, to help Singapore firms expand abroad

INTERNATIONAL Enterprise Singapore unveiled two initiatives on Friday to build a bigger local talent pool to help Singapore firms expand in South-east Asia and India.

With SATS Coolport, New Zealand meats headed for EU can now tranship through Singapore

MEATS from New Zealand destined for the European Union (EU) markets can now transit through Singapore, by means of SATS Coolport, Asia's first on-airport perishable cargo handling centre.

Fostering an entrepreneurial culture to take Singapore into the future

THE push to foster and further develop the spirit of entrepreneurship in Singapore will be given even greater focus in the conceivable future, with the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) having...

Updated quick takes: Singapore NODX continues to surpass expectations

SINGAPORE'S non-oil domestic exports (NODX) grew for a fifth straight month in March, posting a 16.5 per cent year-on-year jump due to the increase in both electronic and non-electronic exports...

Singapore aims to house the most globally competitive plants

SINGAPORE has a vision: That is all factories housed in the Republic will be the most globally competitive, efficient and productive for companies.

SMEs eye advanced manufacturing with curiosity and caution

SMALL and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore are still eyeing advanced manufacturing with curiosity and caution. While most are excited by the possibilities and accept that it is...

Need to fight for survival makes Israel the hotbed for innovation

IT was a gloriously beautiful spring morning in Israel, and a tech crowd had gathered on the lawn of Hagan b'Shefayim, a garden venue just 15 minutes from Tel Aviv.

IE S'pore helping local firms build infrastructure value chain potential

SINGAPORE'S construction and infrastructure companies need to change their business model as they expand into the region.


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