Nanotech’s Shi Xu took 60% pay cut for 2 years to keep company afloat

Now executive chairman of the multinational firm, the 2017 EY Entrepreneur of the Year talks about the embattled journey and lessons learned.

Meet the Wall Street software engineer turned AI luminary

Founder of artificial intelligence consultancy firm Addo AI Ayesha Khanna wants to push for more women in tech.

A family business takes the road less travelled

FAMILY businesses have a reputation - deserved or not - for being slow to change. And Singapore's entire tyre industry is, in a sense, a "family business".

Staying grounded as a young business owner

Entrepreneur Jerry Chen's first brush with investing came about when he spotted a bunk-mate reading Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad during his national service days.

Wedding planner overcame trauma of abuse and loss

When Ms Rubina Tiyu was five years old, one of her cousins - who was 10 years older - did something to her which messed her up for a long time.

Startup aims to take the blues out of retail logistics

YOU might expect a start-up that rides on the e-commerce wave to be run by tech-savvy, code-fluent computer wizards with obscure engineering backgrounds.

From businesswoman to founder of NGO

Elizabeth Tan has always been one step ahead of her peers. As an undergraduate, she started an events business so that she could fund her own university education.

Future shines bright for Sunseap Group

The future looks bright for clean energy solutions provider Sunseap Group with the changing shift in consumer sentiment and new developments in the industry.

Startup Eatsy offers hassle-free experience for diners

Eatsy makes dining out easy with an app that offers a hassle-free experience for diners, while capturing valuable patron data for restaurants.

Greenology's road to sustainability

Greenology is an SME that specialises in urban greenery. Founder and managing director Veera Sekaran shares his journey to sustainability.


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