Tech first, innovation later for legal sector

LAST week, the Singapore Academy of Law unveiled Accelerate!, an accelerator that will groom legaltech startups and incubate new business ideas conceived by law firms. It is part of the Future Law...

Singapore to launch S-E Asia's first legaltech accelerator

SINGAPORE is taking the lead to digitally transform its legal sector. Come April, the country will be home to South-east Asia's first legaltech accelerator. Named Accelerate!, it aims to groom...

Working together key to growing Singapore's startup ecosystem

SINGAPORE'S transformation over the past few decades from a developing country into one of the most innovative and tech-savvy metropolis in the world has been remarkable.

Mix it up, robot bartender

PERFORMERS in the style of Daft Punk may no longer be the only robots at music festivals. Thanks to a whiz-kid's home-grown startup, the bartender might be one, too.

Singapore tech firms to pilot innovations in India

Singapore tech start-ups will have a much easier ride in India, thanks to an agreement signed yesterday.

Singapore tech firms to pilot new innovations in India following bilateral MOU

SINGAPORE tech companies can now pilot new innovations in India and learn best practices from Indian tech companies - following a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between International...

China a good place for Singapore's tech startups, says IE Singapore

CHINA may lack the reputation of being a welcoming destination for global startups, but IE Singapore, the government agency that partners Singapore companies in going global, has suggested that it...

Singapore needs to do more to remain as startups' top gateway to Southeast Asia

SINGAPORE in 2017 cemented its place as a key player on the global startup map, having emerged as the preferred gateway to South-east Asia, a base from which global startups and investors venture...

Trendlines portfolio company receives FDA clearance for sinus stent

ONE of the companies in Catalist-listed startup incubator The Trendlines Group's portfolio has received regulatory clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a stent...

No pilot licence needed to fly this car

A Chinese start-up from Guangzhou is developing one of the world’s first flying cars.

Silicon Sauna sojourn

IN FINLAND, you're never far from tech wonders. They can be found at the airport, at the buffet in a city hotel, and even inside a glass igloo near Santa Claus Village.