EE 2018

Fear no more the cashless wave

IT is not every day that a team of young university graduates reject lucrative job offers from top multinational companies to start up their own company.

Big dreams for tiny houses

WHEN Adrian Chia was on holiday in Australia's picturesque Great Ocean Road several years ago, he loved the beautiful coastal scenery and thought about how this was exactly what city dwellers...

Getting the smarts in money

WHEN a company's business model is built on a base of savvy consumers keen on sniffing out the best deals, one thing is for sure: eventually, those same users are going to start comparing the...

More than a hotel-listing platform

UNLIKE many other tech startups out there, Zuzu Hospitality Solutions believes that people still have a place in its services. The three-year-old company, which focuses on providing online...

Data - the mummy of baby fairs

PICTURE this. A crowd of women aged 25 to 45 filling a large exhibition hall together with their partners, walking along aisles packed with vendors selling products for their little ones....

Helping others breathe easy

AS A child, Adrian Ang grew up suffering from constant bouts of asthma attacks.

Cardboard connector inspired by disaster

AN earthquake in 2015 changed Adrian Chua's life. Recalling the horrific incident that happened that April in Kathmandu, the founder and creative director of Paper Carpenter told The Business...

When fantasy pieces come together

GROWING up, Ben Ang had always felt a struggle within him. He loved toys and comics, and he wanted to create beautiful figurines.

A passion for all things digital

BACK in the days of clunky dial-up connection and flip phones, Roger Yuen already believed firmly that the Internet would significantly change the way people lived, worked and played.

Monetisation and AI are key areas of focus for Carousell

SINGAPORE's poster startup Carousell harbours big dreams of becoming the world's leading online classifieds marketplace one day.

Digitising the cell to discover new drugs

THE current state of medical technology has meant that despite there being some 20,000 genes in the human genome, the standard procedure for drug discovery is to laboriously measure the effect of...