EE 2019

Bridging the supply chain gap

SUPPLY chain logistics is one of the most fragmented businesses in the world, and Toby Koh, chairman of tech start-up TraMes, believes that the company's supply chain management tool will...

Powering lives with renewable solar energy

CREATING a social impact was on Vishnampet Sethuraman Hariharan's mind when he co-founded Third Wave Power, a Singapore-based company that sells solar-powered products.

Here's how you can have your regular chicken rice - and eat it too

COMING from a family with a history of diabetes, Alan Phua is well aware of the dangers of eating too much refined carbohydrates.

GTRIIP app makes hotel check-ins a breeze for guests

A DIGITAL identity platform for global citizens. That is how Maxim Tint, the founder and CEO of GTRIIP, describes his product.

Digitalising the insurance industry

IN today's hyper-connected world, much of our lives revolve around our smartphones, from calling a cab to booking your next getaway.

Raising SME productivity: when push comes to shove

WITH a stiff labour market and the challenging business environment expected to persist, Singapore's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) increasingly have no choice but to lean more on...

Renewing the push to go digital

MUCH support is available for small and medium-sized enterprises' (SMEs) digitalisation endeavours - either from the government or private sector. Yet, businesses have been slow to warm up to the...

Expanding overseas still not an easy task for SMEs

SMALL and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), faced with Singapore's small domestic market and slowing economic growth, are feeling more heat than ever to expand abroad.

Solving the talent conundrum

MOST businesses in Singapore face the challenge of finding the right talent but small and medium enterprises (SMEs) seem to feel the pinch more acutely.