The SME Magazine (May/June 2019)

Beyond beauty

Local beauty brands Team Salon and Nail Palace are examples of how some local salons are going beyond skin deep treatments to focus on their clients’ needs and well-being.

Taking on the world

SMEs need not fear going it alone. They can receive support for their internationalisation endeavours either directly from government agency Enterprise Singapore or indirectly through the many...

More than skin deep

While home-grown beauty and spa brand Porcelain may be best known for its facials, it also has a range of skincare products - and is now using technology to ramp up the customer experience.

Tailored solutions

The co-founders of A Gentleman's Tale, Lyn Chan and Kenneth Chia, share why they decided to offer a mobile menswear service that brings tailoring services to the doorstep of time-starved clients...

Step by step on a digital journey

Get some good advice, start with incremental steps, and understand that any setback will only be a lesson in disguise.

Empowering the next generation

As Singapore's first-generation entrepreneurs reach retirement, we look at their broad options and the common pitfalls to avoid on the way there.

Laying out the welcome mat

As tourist arrivals rise, operators are focusing on driving room rates, and hotels are reporting higher RevPAR for 2018.

Growing property portfolios

A LOT of people still have the impression that factories are merely buildings where workers operate machinery to make products.