The SME Magazine (Sep/Oct 2019)

From smartphones to smart blinds

mc2 started in 2004 as an information technology retailer but has since been reinventedinto a smart blinds supplier.

Going by design

In a competitive market, user-centric design sets a product apart from its competitors and helps a brand stand out.

Back in the groove

Two years after he handed over Atlas Hi-Fi, Michael Tien returned as CEO to get the company back on track in a changing world and a shift in consumers' preferences.

Making space for the arts

Cultural infrastructure is important in building international competitiveness and providing a fresh identity.

Innovation in the Lion City

Emerging technologies are shaping the future of entrepreneurship in Singapore.

Feature-laden & flexible business telephony

FOR many years, firms large, medium and small have been using Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs), which serve as a company’s private telephone network for both internal and external...

Boost your business

If you are finding the current business landscape hard going, there are growth hacking tips that may help.

Working in a safe space

SMEs can embrace the digital economy without increasing digital risk.

Keeping up with the times

Media firm GHY Culture & Media and sportswear brand Puma have seen their consumers and respective industries evolve over the years. GHY is coming up with new ways of creating content and...