What Emerging Enterprise winners and finalists say about the Award

Now in its 11th year, the Emerging Enterprise Award has proven pivotal in the stories of many of Singapore's young growth enterprises. Here's what some of the award's winners and finalists over the years had to say about their Emerging Enterprise journeys:

“The Emerging Enterprise Awards’ judging process made us ask ourselves hard questions and scrutinize our business plans – and we are definitely better off because of it. The recognition and support that comes with winning the award will also go a long way towards helping us grow.” - Ian Ang and Alaric Choo, co-founders of Secretlab (Winner of the Emerging Enterprise Award 2017) 

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“The prizes from the Emerging Enterprise Award are generous and relevant to businesses. We have used RSM’s consulting package to develop a customised cash flow management framework and attended INSEAD courses that have equipped us with the tools to shape our corporate strategic direction. These measures have truly made an impact on our business.” - Damien Tan, Chief Operating Officer, The Benjamin Barker Group (Winner of the Emerging Enterprise Award 2016)

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The Emerging Enterprise Award has given us a chance to stand amongst the business leaders of tomorrow. This was a golden opportunity for us - definitely a must-do for any emerging enterprise in Singapore." - Chris Hwang, co-founder and director, The Golden Duck Co. (Winner of the Most Promising Startup Award 2017)

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“Two years ago at an Emerging Enterprise alumni gathering, we met a company that is now our solutions provider. This is just an example of how the Emerging Enterprise Award is a great platform for like-minded entrepreneurs to meet, share experiences and support each other.” - Frank Phuan, co-founder and director of Sunseap Leasing (Winner of the Emerging Enterprise Award, 2014)

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“The exposure from the Emerging Enterprise Award helped us in terms of credibility and gave others the confidence to invest in us. We got our first seed funding 6 months after we won the award and held a successful series A fund-raising the year after.” - Chia Yoong Hui, founder, chairman & CEO of Ascenz (Winner of the Emerging Enterprise Award, 2012)

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