The SME Magazine (Jan/Feb 2020)

Recipe for success

FOR any business owner, disruption is inevitable. As technology advances, changes will impact companies even faster and harder; so adapting must become the name of the game for those who want to...

Managing cash flows together

Banks are acting in partnership with financial intermediaries such as fintechs to offload the heightened financial risk when dealing with SMEs.

Ingredients for success

Samuel Yik’s recipe for Dian Xiao Er is to stir in technology solutions while maintaining a quality workforce.

Frittering away corporate life

Audrey Chew remodelled a traditional business by mass producing you tiao, setting up a factory and hiring workers.

Debunking myths about business payment cards

With business credit cards, SMEs can extend their days payable outstanding and optimise working capital, taking advantage of up to 55 days interest-free to improve their cashflow.

Staying ahead of the pack

The Rug Maker and CDL Trading are two Singaporean businesses facing trickier times today than they did when they were starting out – from changing consumer tastes to technological advancements....

Balancing speed with sustainable growth

Market-leading entrepreneurs have a disciplined framework for driving growth, leaving nothing to chance.

Smart cities aren’t smart without trust

Innovation can bring astounding benefits but anything digital can be hacked, and anything connected to it then becomes vulnerable.

Making customer experience everybody's job

By ensuring that every team member is dedicated to improving the customer experience, companies in Singapore can stand out from the competition.

The workplace as a destination

Dated work environments are unsuited for emerging patterns of work and are inhibiting workers from performing to their full potential.

Property data

A list of asking rents of office and industrial spaces, and sales caveats.