360° Cyber Security Protection for Business

DATE: May 31 (Fri)

TIME: 2:00pm- 5:00pm



Level 3, Room 301 & 302

1 Raffles Blvd

Singapore 039593


Come 31 May 2019, Netpluz 360° Cyber Security Protection for Business event will take place at Suntec Convention Centre. Addressing cybersecurity issues related to business, the event will gather senior management and Security Professionals to raise awareness, share ideas and solutions to tackle critical operational issues facing the sector.

Event session will distil key elements of cybersecurity into non-technical bite-sized bits for you while there will be some overview of the latest defences and threats into the Information Cyber Security (ICS) environment, in terms of DDoS mitigation, syncronised security between firewalls & endpoints, network security monitoring, vulnerability assessment to being cyber insured! Arm yourself with practical tips and proven technology for good cyber hygiene. The event looks to address key issues ensuring business have the tools and knowledge to keep their data and network secure. Find out what works best for you!

Learn more about Netpluz simple & effective solutions for Multi-Layered protection for the End-to-End Cyber Security solutions for increased resilience.

Key learning of attending Netpluz 360° Cyber Security Protection Event for Business:

Understand what makes you a target of cyber security attacks.

Learn Cyber Security measures through an early incident alert and response system by monitoring, profiling and management of cyber security threats.

Validation of your security safeguard effectiveness through Penetration Testing.

Recommendation on how to mitigate cyber security vulnerabilities such as DDoS attacks to protect complex Web Applications, Networks and DNS servers.

Endpoint protection against malware and infections.

Mitigate Cyber Risks with Cyber Insurance Protection.

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