Block71 Entrepreneurial Link: Singapore X South Korea

DATE: May 16 (Thurs)

TIME: 5:00pm-7:00pm

VENUE: Block71 Singapore

ORGANISER: Block71 Singapore and the Korea IT Cooperation Center Singapore (KICC)

The Entrepreneurial Link series serves as a bilateral platform for knowledge exchange and networking between start-ups, investors, corporate partners in Singapore and key overseas entrepreneurial hubs. It also aims to deepen the links between the Singapore entrepreneurial ecosystem and the respective overseas hubs.

For this instalment, BLOCK71 Singapore, together with Korea IT Cooperation Center Singapore (KICC), will venture into South Korea, one of Asia’s most promising startup ecosystems.

The discussion will centre on the recent developments in the South Korea start-up ecosystem, the opportunities that await for founders and investors, the types of infrastructure support available and the unique characteristics of the largest consumer market in Asia. A “South Korea” for anyone who is thinking of venturing into South Korea! Come and join us this May. It'll be Seoul good.

Panel of Speakers:

Rock Oh, CEO of Awesome Ventures
Rock is the CEO and managing partner of Awesome Ventures. Awesome Ventures is a global accelerator in Seoul. I am expanding the business to Singapore to fulfill our mission of connecting South Korea to Singapore. I run global batch programs in Seoul every year, which attract startups from worldwide and have fostered 10 companies in 2016, 26 in 2017 and 13 in 2018. Before I founded Awesome Ventures, I was a managing director of DEV, a New York-based Venture Capital firm where I invested in Korean startups and US companies as well as being an LP for accelerator funds in US with its Delaware fund.

Mike Holt, Director of Nodis
Mike founded venture capital and venture studio firm Get2Volume in Singapore in 2006. Get2Volume invests in and incubates technology companies, helping to grow revenue, win customers, raise money and get acquired. Mike has 27 years of management experience in the high- technology industry. Mike is founder of Semitech Semiconductor, ConnectedHealth and gridComm.

Prior to founding Get2Volume, Mike spent 15 years at Texas Instruments and Silicon Systems in various leadership positions including product line manager for TI’s $200M storage DSP business. As an Adviser to several early-stage companies, Mike has been the CEO for 3 high-technology startups (including raising $70M in startup funding). Mike is an “Entrepreneur-in-Residence” at INSEAD. Mike holds two patents. Mike holds MBA, MSEE (engineering) and BSEE degrees from the University of California, Irvine.

Andrew Chow, CEO of Igloohome
Anthony is the CEO & Co-founder of igloohome, where we envision a future of a world without keys.On the side, Anthony is a technology tinkerer and dreamer of a connected world.

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