Empower your Business with Agility Seminar

DATE: May 15 (Wed)

TIME: 2:30pm- 5:00pm

VENUE: National Library

Drama Centre Function Room

100 Victoria Street, Level 3

National Library Building

Singapore 188064

ORGANISER: Funding Societies

Today, market opportunities can arise quickly and cease as fast. No matter if you are a manufacturer, an engineer, a supplier, or contractor in the manufacturing, industrial & construction industries, being swift and nimble is crucial. Business owners and their teams need to anticipate and adapt to fast changes and economic demands so that project teams can get deliverables to the marketplace quickly and competitively.

However, dependencies and cash-flow management remain perennial challenges that may hinder the growth of businesses in industries highly dependent on tender bidding, advanced payment for raw or imported materials, and even cooperation from suppliers and clients. This is where building strong financial capabilities and adopting customizable financing solutions through crowdfunding can potentially empower your business with agility and supercharge your growth.  

Join this event as it aims to:

-Aid SMEs to better understand their cash flow and build robust business financial capabilities

-Highlight government schemes available to SMEs

-Share how customizable financing solutions can help improve cash flow to fulfill operational needs, enhance engineering rigor and modernize supply chain infrastructure

-Provide real SME success stories (industry specific) on how crowdfunding can assist in strengthening SMEs’ business by providing greater access and speed to funds

REGISTER  HEREhttps://event.fundingsocieties.com/052019/?utm_source=sgsme