Product Specs 101

DATE: May 31 (Fri)

TIME: 7:00pm-9:00pm

VENUE: Block71 Singapore

ORGANISERS: le wagon, Block71 Singapore

Lots of entrepreneurs struggle to explain their product in a clear and concise way. As an entrepreneur, this workshop will give you a simple methodology to precisely define the product you want to build and work efficiently with developers and designers without unnecessary processes or misunderstandings.

We will cover all the important steps in the conception of a technical product. You will learn to precisely define your value proposition, make a basic mockup of your app using Sketch, write and organise your user stories on Trello. You will also be able to determine the core database scheme of your product. We will take lots of real-life example (Product Hunt, Airbnb, etc..) to illustrate this workshop.

What you will learn:

Product pitch
User stories


No pre-requisite, this is a workshop for beginners

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