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Just Ask 敢敢问 is a unique space for all in Singapore’s SME community to ask questions and offer responses on any topic of relevance to small local businesses.

We aim to connect SME owners, entrepreneurs, specialised service providers, government agencies, trade associations and all others with an interest in Singapore’s SMEs - so that questions can be answered and knowledge shared. We want to link up those in need of knowledge to those who have it, and to build a vibrant marketplace of ideas, insights and information on Singapore’s business landscape. In doing so, we hope to empower SMEs - the bedrock of Singapore’s economy - to do better.

Selected questions will also be answered by relevant experts on sgsme.sg’s panel. Questions will be reviewed for relevance and clarity before being published. Anyone can post questions and responses. No registration is required. Questions may be posed in English or Chinese.


Whether you're looking for quick advice on taxes or loans, wondering how to make use of data analytics, or curious about how other SMEs motivate employees - ask any question at all here. Tap the wisdom of our panel of experts and the savvy of fellow SME owners and entrepreneurs now.

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