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General guidelines

We hope for Just Ask to be a space where all can feel comfortable asking questions and contributing responses. Please help us make this a useful space for all by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Be civil, respectful and considerate. Do recognise that Just Ask users come from diverse backgrounds, and respect opinions and beliefs that are different or opposed to your own. Do not make personal attacks or disparage fellow Just Ask users and their questions or responses.
  • No advertising and self-promotion. Do not misuse the Just Ask platform to advertise services, solicit business, publicise events or promote your own websites or blogs. You may recommend a service or business in response to a query for information, but any affiliation to the business ought to be made clear.
  • Moderation stance. Just Ask reserves the right to remove irrelevant or hateful posts, as well as any posts that constitute harassment, bullying or advertising. If you see anything that you believe violates these guidelines, please report it to


  • The “Title” field should contain a concise question. Eg, “Should I move my business to the cloud and how?”
  • The “Question” field should be used to elaborate on your question and provide details. Eg, Explain why you are considering moving your business to the cloud and what your hesitations are. Ask related questions such as, “Has any SME owner been in a similar situation? How did you decide? What has your experience been so far?”
  • Questions should request for views or information, not put forth an argument or vent a frustration.
  • Questions should be clearly phrased in either English or Chinese. Do use complete sentences and proper spelling, punctuation, grammar and capitalisation. They should also contain enough information to allow for meaningful answers.
  • Questions should not be used to promote a product, service or event, or solicit for business.


  • Responses should be clearly phrased in either English or Chinese. Do use complete sentences and proper spelling, punctuation, grammar and capitalization.
  • They should seek to help the original poster with their query.
  • Answers should not contain any self-promotional or affiliate links to products, services, events or businesses. Self-promotion is permitted only when any affiliations are disclosed and when it is a direct and helpful response to the original question.

Upvotes and Downvotes

  • Upvotes and downvotes allow the community to take part in moderation by surfacing better comments and pushing bad ones further down.
  • Upvotes can be used to push high quality responses further up the responses thread. Downvotes can be used to push poor responses further down the responses thread.
  • Both are intended to allow the most useful and relevant responses to be highlighted.


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