Being agile helps power JustLogin's performance

The cloud-based HR solutions firm owes its success to being highly adaptable and responsive to its customers.

LOOKING back to its founding days in 1999, JustLogin seemed a company ahead of its time. Founder KC Kwa started the cloud-based HR solutions firm when hardly anyone had even heard of the cloud.

Most software companies instead focused on off-the-shelf products and, when the dotcom crisis struck in the early 2000s, JustLogin initially struggled to stay afloat.

Fortunately, the firm was able to secure investment from OCBC bank at a very early stage, giving it the capital to enter the market at an opportune time.

It has also invested recurring revenue in product enhancement, including recently in the development of smartphone capabilities, capitalising on the rising trend for mobile-based solutions.

Today, it is a provider of HR Software-as-a-Service, working with businesses in more than 25 countries. In 2017, the firm was awarded the E50 Award for the second time.

For a technology company such as JustLogin, success depends on responding quickly to technological trends and market demands.

To stay relevant, the firm follows the Agile Methodology of software development that advocates eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and encourages nimbleness in business processes and constant improvement.

For example, when working on new features, JustLogin's product development team works in short sprints, each lasting two weeks during which the team conducts iterative updates.

Each day, the teams have a 15-minute scrum meeting to update on progress, tackle roadblocks and plan for upcoming actions.

Following this Agile Methodology creates one of JustLogin's key competitive advantages - a business model which is highly adaptable and responsive to customer needs.

Mr Kwa says this means JustLogin's clients can be assured that their concerns are always heard.

"We consider feedback from all sources," he says. "Once a service improvement is implemented, it will immediately be available to all our clients."

Another key area JustLogin's business model focuses on is ensuring superb product quality. JustLogin has a zero bug policy.

To ensure the best user experience for clients, bugs are resolved as and when they are discovered and priority is always given to solving these issues as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, maintaining high service standards requires the efforts of all its employees - a factor Mr Kwa is very much aware of.

Motivated workforce

A motivated workforce is an efficient workforce and JustLogin places great focus on the welfare of its employees with initiatives such as flexible working arrangements.

This permits employees to choose their ideal working hours, with the flexibility to start work any time allowing them to better plan their personal lives and be able to wholeheartedly contribute during work hours.

Employees are also allowed to work from home when they need to as well.

JustLogin also initiates many staff bonding activities to promote cohesion within the company, including an annual overseas retreat for the whole company.

It also operates a profit-sharing scheme where a percentage of revenue will be set aside and given out to employees, recognising staff efforts and keeping the workforce motivated to bring in more profits for the company.

Beyond simply delivering a cloud solution to its clients, JustLogin also leverages on other cloud applications to aid in its business operation.

JustLogin uses Jira, a cloud-based project management software to track the progress of each of its agile service improvements.

The platform ensures everyone is constantly kept up-to-date on the progress. Work can be allocated more efficiently, allowing JustLogin to make full use of its human capital.

For customer relationship management, the firm taps on the full capabilities of Salesforce - a leading cloud-based CRM platform - to keep its information up to date.

By doing so, the sales team is able to connect with clients through various channels via a single dashboard.

Its business strategy to not only deliver cloud solutions but also fully adopt them in different aspects of its business, allows JustLogin to be finely attuned to the latest developments in cloud-based technologies. "Every day, we see new inventions and products in the news," says Mr Kwa.

"It is important for a technology-heavy business such as ours to be aware and responsive to these technological trends, and leverage it for the benefit of our customers."

Indeed, JustLogin's success is a testament to the importance of having an adaptive business strategy and one which puts its employees at the centre of its operations.

Complemented with the management's forward-looking decision to invest heavily in cloud services in the early years, JustLogin has accumulated 18 years of technical expertise that is difficult be rivalled by new market entrants.

JustLogin's perseverance through the dotcom bubble signified the company's tenacity and its strong sense of responsibility towards the clients.

"Being profitable and operational is being responsible to your clients as well," explains Mr Kwa. With its exceptional team and business management formula, JustLogin has moulded itself to be a forward-thinking company as resilient as its founder and en route to greater success.

  • The writers are students at NUS Business School.