Cloud technology keeps staff engaged

At security systems company Ademco Security Group, supervisors meet their workers at least once every two months to coach them and discuss their progress.

Staff may be shown their performance data compared with the collective effort of their peers.

"It's not just 'I think you're not working hard' or 'I think you're doing a good job'," said Ademco group managing director Toby Koh. "With all this data available, staff feel more engaged because there's accountability, the workflow is very clear."

The data is readily available because records like sales and service reports are all compiled and stored digitally, after Ademco adopted cloud technology.

About 90 per cent of its business processes will be stored on remote servers in the cloud by the year end.

Mr Koh, 47, believes it is vital for his company to be at the forefront of surveillance technology, an approach he also adopts for human resource (HR) technology. "If we don't improve, we'll be history."

Besides streamlining its workflow, technology allows the company to gather valuable data for developing its staff. It has about 220 workers in Singapore, and 400 across seven countries.


If we don't improve, we'll be history.


Ademco is enhancing its new online HR talent-management system with training resources such as videos and assessments as well as a clear skills framework.

Executive assistant Amela Tiong, 38, said the system, with information on training courses and company policy, ensures greater transparency.

"We don't have to rely on colleagues or HR for information. There's no double standard and it places more control in our hands," she added.

Joanna Seow