EY opens innovation centre focusing on intelligent automation


EY on Tuesday opened a new innovation centre that will focus on helping clients integrate intelligent automation in their business processes. Technology that will be developed at the centre includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and robotics.

Companies will be able to collaborate with EY professionals at the centre through immersion workshops or longer-term projects that will explore solutions, new business models or commercial opportunities. "Pop-up centres" can also be brought to clients' locations, said EY.

The centre, in Robinson Road, is the latest in the group's global network of innovation centres called Wavespace. There are currently 18 such flagship centres, including the one in Singapore.

Each Wavespace centre focuses on technology most relevant to its respective market. For instance, the centre in Shanghai, which opened in July, collaborates with clients on smart factory operations, digital finance, digital strategy, cyber security and intelligent robotics.

The Wavespace centre in Singapore also showcases solutions such as a virtual technology station, a dashboard that maps the best routes that logistics transporters can take and a small retail space displaying how artificial intelligence and robotics can be used to enhance the shopping experience.

It will have a resident team of 20 to 30 people, comprising business strategists, user experience designers and emerging technologists.

EY professionals specialising in their various sectors will also be brought in whenever their technical expertise is needed in developing the solutions, said Max Loh, EY Asean and Singapore managing partner.

Jonathan Rees, EY Asean digital leader and sponsoring partner of Wavespace Singapore, said: "The ability to create a new and innovative business model depends on putting together new ideas, capabilities or technology.

"EY wavespace offers a collaborative environment where our clients can work with our people to co-develop practical solutions to real world problems, supported by new technology and connectivity to facilitate new and better ways of thinking and working."

Wavespace centres around the world can also work with each other to develop solutions for clients, said EY.

Centres in Hong Kong and Sydney will be launched later this year.