Growing demand for hybrid of executive and team assistants in Singapore: Hays

DEMAND is on the rise for a combination of executive assistants (EAs) and team assistants in Singapore’s job market for office professionals, recruitment firm Hays said in a media statement on Monday.

This comes as Singapore companies adopt flatter organisational structures and embrace collaborative working, which has led to the office support function growing in importance to support larger teams and their coordination needs.

“This is resulting in heightened demand for EAs, team assistants, and, increasingly more common, a combination of both,” Hays noted.

As team dynamics and the role of an assistant change, a hybrid of executive and team assistants need to be highly adaptable in fast-paced environments and be quick on their feet, according to Grant Torrens, regional director at Hays Singapore.

“Assistants perform at a level that’s intimate with the inner workings of the business, and their function often improves productivity and cost-effectiveness,” Mr Torrens said.

However, despite the high importance placed on the need for support roles, senior-level EAs who have worked their way up to specifically support C-level executives may resist the idea of a hybrid role that entails supporting a team.

“Such a sentiment usually stems from the misperception that supporting a team instead of a dedicated high-level executive is a step back in their careers,” Mr Torrens said.

Hays noted that employers have been assuring experienced job candidates that this nascent, hybrid field of work holds much potential and promise for their careers – especially for those who have a deep understanding and extensive experience in the industry vertical of the teams and executive they would be supporting.

“To attract capable assistants, firms have upped their game in terms of offer packages on top of providing flexible working arrangements, allowances for travel and lunch, and better internal culture activities,” Mr Torrens said.

“It is important to provide competitive offer packages to the candidate for them to appreciate that the administrative support role is important within a firm.”