Logistics sector rolls out plan to accelerate technology adoption

The roadmap, which is expected to benefit 700 companies, will have platforms for innovative technology


SINGAPORE'S logistics sector is stepping on the gas pedal in its technology adoption efforts, with a three-year plan outlining ways for various stakeholders to digitalise their processes and collaborate with each other.

The industry-led roadmap, developed by the Singapore Logistics Association (SLA), was announced on Wednesday by Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry Koh Poh Koon at the Singapore Logistics Forum 2018. It is expected to benefit over 700 companies.

Under this plan, there will be platforms for showcasing innovative technology and digital applications in logistics. The plan also involves piloting proof-of-concept projects through the Centre of Innovation Supply Chain Management @Republic Polytechnic (COI-SCM@RP) and other partners, as well as driving the adoption of automation.

SLA will work with the Logistics Alliance, a six-member industry group, on these initiatives.

In his opening address, Dr Koh pointed out how digitalisation can give logistics firms more opportunities for internationalisation.

"Through digital channels, our companies can transcend the limitations of size and geography, and connect with partners and customers globally," said Dr Koh. He added that the government's aim is for Singapore to become a key node in the global supply chain.

Dr Koh also pointed out how technology gives local firms a greater edge on the world stage. For instance, autonomous and electric vehicles will change the way goods are transported, and blockchain can help to create a more transparent supply chain.

Besides technology adoption, the roadmap will focus on areas such as attracting talent, strengthening collaborations between companies, internationalisation and providing support and advice to firms.

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) between various stakeholders was also signed during the forum.

The MOU was inked by Commodities Intelligence Centre (CIC), Zallsoon Information Technology (Wuhan Co Ltd), Global eTrade Services (GeTS), PIL Logistics, YCH Group and Warehouse Logistics Net Asia (WLNA).

Under the agreement, PIL Logistics, YCH Group and WLNA will provide their integrated supply chain solutions such as shipping, freight-forwarding and warehousing to support the trade flows on CIC's global B2B e-trading platform for commodities.

CIC, which operates the same name first-of-its-kind platform in Singapore, is a recent joint venture between China-based Zall Group, Singapore Exchange and GeTS.

The Logistics Alliance, supported by Enterprise Singapore, comprises the Container Depot and Logistics Association (Singapore), the SLA, the Singapore Transport Association, SAAA@Singapore, and Republic Polytechnic's Centre of Innovation for Supply Chain Management.