Singapore recession forecast for 2020 worsens to between -4% and -7%

THE Singapore economy is staring at a much deeper recession than earlier forecast, with gross domestic product (GDP) projected to shrink by between 7 per cent and 4 per cent this year.

Doing business without new foreign workers could become the new normal

SINGAPORE has tried both the carrot and the stick to wean companies off over-reliance on foreign labour, but the novel coronavirus might just be the final straw for employers.

Who will do the dirty, intensive jobs that Singaporeans shun?

DESPITE sweeteners such as overseas work opportunities and higher pay, some jobs are persistently shunned by locals for being too dirty or intensive.

Professional services shore up staffing as insolvency cases loom amid virus outbreak

AS MORE businesses buckle under strain amid the virus outbreak, some firms in the professional services are boosting their restructuring and insolvency (R&I) practice with more aggressive...

The coronavirus recovery is doomed before it even begins

THE coronavirus recovery is in trouble before it even begins. As swiftly as the lockdowns across Asia were imposed, the process of lifting them will be slow and uneven. That means the region is...

CB rollback begins soon, but Singapore economy faces long road to recovery

SINGAPORE is still on track for its worst recession on record, private economists said on Wednesday, after plans were unveiled to exit a two-month quasi-lockdown on June 2.

Panel urges help for 'vulnerable' workers as job losses loom

LOW-WAGE workers and freelancers in the gig economy have been identified as vulnerable groups in the labour market, as the spectre of unemployment looms over Singapore.

Singapore market set for 2021 recovery; safety measures a new normal for firms that can reopen

EVEN as the gradual easing of circuit breaker measures see delayed reopening for some sectors, government stimulus, ample liquidity and investor willingness to look beyond 2020 could prevent the...

Firms restarting face supply snags, higher costs, weak demand

BUSINESS costs will rise as Covid-19 disrupts supply chains and necessitates safeguards, adding to the challenges of covering costs amid suppressed demand.

Delayed reopening for retail, F&B: New help package on the way

MANUFACTURING and professional-services workplaces are among those allowed to re-open under the first phase of the lifting of circuit-breaker measures on June 2, even as another package of support...