Singapore now Asia's most important commodities trading hub: IE Singapore

SINGAPORE'S total offshore trade turnover for commodities hit US$1.3 trillion in 2014, said International Enterprise (IE) Singapore on Tuesday.

Singapore's SME outlook hits three-year low: survey

THE outlook for small and medium-sized enterprises in Singapore has fallen to a three-year low with weaker sales and profit forecasts over the next six months across all industries, according to a...

People and mindset change the way forward

AS Singapore works on its way forward, the very same challenges it has faced since Day One - land and labour constraints - will still be there.

Beyond 50: Singapore's growth strategy shifts

SINGAPORE may have achieved an economic miracle in the five decades since independence, but its growth matrix for the next 50 years will be very different - and far more complex.

50 and beyond: Singapore's economic transformation

In five decades, Singapore has weathered five recessions, clocked 18 years of double-digit growth, and transformed into a global hub for finance and commerce. The Business Times takes a look at...

Singapore's PMI falls to 49.7 in July

SINGAPORE's Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) reverted to contraction mode in July, slipping 0.7 point to 49.7 after rising for two straight months.

Quick Takes: Manufacturing recovery intact, but challenging outlook remains

SINGAPORE'S industrial production fell 2.3 per cent in May on a year-on-year basis - yet another month of contraction, although this marked a recovery from April's sharp 9.1 per cent decline.

Singapore settles for slower growth for rest of decade

FOR the rest of the decade, the Singapore economy will grow at a slower-than-expected pace of 2-4 per cent per year - a downgrade from the 3-5 per cent expansion initially envisaged.

Singapore core inflation at its lowest in 5 years

APRIL might have become part of the longest consecutive period of declining prices since 2009, and registered the lowest core inflation reading in five years - but neither will change the fundamental...

Government announces new collaborative industry projects for SMEs

MORE than 400 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across multiple industries in Singapore will benefit from better access to technology innovations and new digital marketing channels, thanks to...