Grant conditional exception to food delivery riders

The ban of electric scooters came too suddenly, even though I agree it is necessary for the sake of pedestrian safety. It caught many off guard leaving them with no time to make adjustments.

Food delivery riders have voiced their frustrations to ministers and their reactions are understandable as the ban deeply impacts their livelihood (Food delivery riders' concerns will be looked into: Minister, Nov 8).

I propose that they be granted a conditional exception to the ban.

Food delivery riders could be allowed to use e-scooters on footpaths if the e-scooters they use are issued by the food delivery companies and not their own.

These should be licensed by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and strictly controlled. They should have prominent number plates to allow pedestrians to complain to the companies about errant riders that flout safety guidelines.

The scooters should be sent in for periodic checking by LTA to ensure that they have not been illegally tampered with and should also be equipped with lights like with vehicles.

Food delivery riders need to be wearing their uniforms when riding the e-scooters. Those caught riding them off-duty should be suspended.

In addition, food delivery riders need to take lessons on how to ride safely and pass a practical test before receiving a licence to ply their trade. If there is evidence that a rider has flouted safety guidelines, he should be suspended.

We do need to empathise with those who need to make a living delivering food and provide them with a framework to continue their occupation.

Chan Yeow Chuan