Integrating smart solutions into the workforce

V3 devises smart solutions to produce customised, sustainable outcomes

FOLLOWING the success of Augmented Reality (AR) games, businesses have started to look into how the technology can add benefits and value to their operations or product offering. Singapore-based mobility solutions provider V3 Smart Technologies sees huge opportunities integrating AR into its workforce products.

As a mobility and robotics solution provider, V3 helps enterprises in Singapore stay ahead of competition by matching the needs of enterprises with smart technology to build operational efficiency.

Nurturing a smart workforce

V3 has developed a range of award-winning solutions that has boosted the efficiency of Singapore's workforce. In particular, its Workforce Assignment & Mobility (WAM) solution has helped many businesses streamline processes and improve quality control.

This comprehensive solution optimises job planning, scheduling and monitoring to increase transparency of work progress and automation, minimising the volume of paperwork and pains of manual processes through a user-friendly mobile application.

Since the initial launch of WAM, it has evolved and been adapted to serve a wide range of industries from home care to regulatory enforcement.

Surfing the Silver Tsunami

With an increasingly ageing population, the Singapore government is working to ensure greater affordability and accessibility in its healthcare systems. Here, V3's WAM solution has helped bridge the gap between homecare service providers and users.

Starting in early 2017, it has collaborated with one of Singapore's leading healthcare providers to offer Care@home.

This initiative comprises a team of trained specialists who are dispatched to provide homecare services for elderly patients - to support them in recuperating as well as scheduled check-ups at their homes. The WAM system plans, schedules and optimises the jobs distributed to homecare professionals (nurses, therapists etc) who will attend to the various homecare needs.

In addition, WAM supplies an extensive database to the Care@home initiative that stores critical healthcare information. This facilitates effective matching of homecare service providers to healthcare patients.

The advent of smart service-matching business systems (such as ride-sharing and food delivery applications that match the customer to a driver of closest proximity) has also shaped part of the Care@home initiative.

To facilitate efficiency, real-time details and status updates of these jobs are received through the smartphones of homecare professionals. They are then able to accept suitable jobs on-the-go and ensure that the homecare needs are addressed with tailored services.

The smart system also identifies and proposes the fastest transport routes that homecare professionals can take to attend to these patients. Overall, this helps to boost efficiency and productivity, enabling effective homecare reach without compromising the quality of services.

In 2017, in recognition of its contribution in the NTUC's Care@home initiative, V3 won the 5th Eldercare Innovation Awards for best technology in operational efficiency.

Racing with smart technologies

WAM is also the backbone technology used to manage efficiency in Singapore's traffic and regulatory enforcement sector, powering the operations of 24/7 accident response teams.

These teams aim to help drivers in distress after a traffic accident or vehicle breakdown. V3's technology allows for timely dispatching of these teams to assist on scene, equipping riders with the speed that is imperative in responding to emergency situations.

In the traffic enforcement sector, WAM is also used to direct the day-to-day operations of parking inspection, effectively allocating wardens to assigned locations and facilitating offence-reporting through a mobile application. Real-time photos, date-time stamp and location of the offence are transmitted wirelessly back to the backend system.

"We want to remain relevant and provide valuable solutions to our customers by continually innovating and adapting for many more years to come," says V3's general manager Adrian Long, explaining what he says is V3's innovative spirit. "We always look at future trends and ways to fit relevancy into our solutions," he adds.

Currently, V3 is working on improving its WAM service through the introduction of mixed reality technology, merging the real and virtual worlds to create visualisations that can be interacted with in real-time, using 3D projections to provide a comprehensive representation of the physical situation. This technology will assist businesses to visualise and monitor the status and quality of their work.

Innovation and adaptability, key to a Smarter Nation

As one of the pioneer companies investing in in-house research and development, V3 spearheads smart solutions to produce customised and sustainable outcomes.

On top of numerous recognitions from industry awards, V3 was also awarded the Enterprise 50 Award in 2017. This is its third consecutive year winning this title, and V3 was ranked 32nd among the many nominated companies.

"The E50 awards fit in perfectly with our objective of building technological solutions based on the requirement of each customer at a fraction of time with cost efficiency. We are glad to receive this award," says Mr Long.

Even as the tech landscape increases in complexity, V3 strives to be ahead of the game with smart solutions.

  • The writers are students at NUS Business School.