Learn how to be a game-changer from the experts themselves

Creating a culture of curiosity and constant learning is crucial to paving the way for the next big business idea, reveals Vinod Kumar, Managing Director and Group CEO of Tata Communications. The latter is one of three speakers at an upcoming SME seminar on game-changers and innovation.

How Game-Changers Lead will take place on May 17 at NTUC Centre and the other speakers leened up are Jacky Tai, Principal Consultant of Unbroken Branding, and Lee Li Meng, Chief Strategy Officer of Razer.

Mr Lee will join Dr Wolfgang Baier, Group CEO of Luxasia, for a panel discussion at the end of the talks about how SMEs can make a deep impact with limited resources.

The seminar is the second of six Business Empowerment seminars organized by SGSME and supported by RHB Bank and U SME, the enterprise arm of NTUC.

Mr Kumar, who will be speaking on how he created a culture of innovation in Tata before going on to disrupt the market adds,” It is always important to remember that successful businesses are built on the people, and more specifically on the entrepreneurial minds that pave the way for innovation, progress and growth.”

On the same subject of talents, Dr Baier says local workers play a pivotal role in helping a business go regional successfully: “Right from online and offline channel selection, to marketing tactics, in-store experiences, and social media campaigns, our local talents help drive the business.”

He adds this is because they know the in-market consumers best and they provide valuable consumer feedback on changing trends and preferences.

When asked what is the key challenge local SMEs face today, most of the speakers mentioned going regional. Mr  Tai observes that business owners he has spoken to generally express a desire to “venture overseas to create sustainable growth".

To which Mr Lee notes: “The big global companies are now looking to Singapore as a launchpad to the rest of the SE Asia region (so) SMEs need to be more nimble, innovative and be able to scale up quickly.”

Offering a look into the future, Mr Kumar offers: “As the breakneck speed of technology innovation continues, the most successful, forward-looking businesses will embrace the changes that innovations bring, putting people at the heart of their transformation.”

To learn more about how you can innovate to become a game-changer yourself. log on to gevme.com/how-do-game-changers-lead to register for this seminar now.