Razer keeps promise and submits unified e-payment proposal

Tech company Razer submitted its proposal for a unified e-payment system here yesterday - within the two-week deadline it promised - saying that its aim was to make Singapore a cashless society...

Cash is not king in a Smart Nation

Singapore prides itself on being at the forefront of technology and innovation but, when it comes to paying for goods and services, the adoption of electronic payments has not taken off as fast as...

Four cashless payment options and how they work

It is just a matter of time before cash and cheques play a diminishing role in our daily lives as e-payments take over more transactions.

Challenges SMEs face in going cashless

Singapore is making a concerted push to go cashless, but for many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), cash is still king.

Cash still king for SMEs despite e-payments push

SINGAPORE - After years of a gradual shift to e-payments, talk has intensified over moving to a cashless society. Themes include the need to play catch up with some other countries, the way that...

Less whoop, more whimper from July's bank lending

BANK lending in July reflected a tepid showing in business loans, dashing some hopes of a sustained momentum into the second half, data from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) showed on...

Singapore bank lending up 5.9% year on year in July, for 10th straight monthly rise

SINGAPORE - Bank lending rose 5.9 per cent year-on-year in July, slowing from June's 7.6 per cent growth, which was the fastest in over two years as both business and consumer loans improved.

Grab plans to enable customers to pay merchants using GrabPay in Q4

GRAB on Wednesday launched its new peer-to-peer fund transfer feature that enables consumers to transfer GrabPay Credits to one another. It also plans to further develop the technology to enable...

Wanted: Ideas to get heartland to go cashless

What e-payment technology will work at the hundreds of hawker centres, coffee shops and heartland shops in Singapore?

Can Singapore catch up in race to go cashless?

Going cashless has been costly for consumers and merchants, with multiple systems and no coordination. But soon, a PayNow system using QR code promises to let Singapore play catch-up.