The Peak Power List 2018

The Peak honours eco-conscious entrepreneurs in its annual Power List

10 local industry leaders were lauded for being at the forefront of global green efforts

Ten entrepreneurs and business professionals were recognised for their efforts in going green in their businesses by The Peak. Their names made it to the luxury lifestyle magazine's annual Power List, unveiled on Monday (Nov 5) during a gala dinner at Sheraton Towers Singapore.

Into its fifth year, The Peak Power List recognises movers and shakers in a specific area.

Last year, it highlighted Singapore’s leading innovators and disruptors such as Dinesh Bhatia of TradeHero and SportsHero, Lai Chang Wen of Ninja Van and Rosemary Tan of Veredus Laboratories. 

The 2018 list pays homage to individuals and enterprises leading green efforts across different industries. These leaders have established successful businesses centred on supporting and furthering long-term ecological balance in sectors that include, but not limited to, clean energy; low-carbon/non-polluting products; resource conservation; and green design/architecture.

Included on The Peak Power List 2018 are Esther An, City Development Limited’s Chief Sustainability Officer who has been driving conservation education and eco-friendly practices in the group’s properties; Bjorn Low, whose social enterprise Edible Garden City promotes urban farming; and Apollo Aquaculture Group’s Eric Ng, who uses vertical seafood farming methods to maximise production and efficiency.

The nomination and selection process was done by the magazine's editorial team in consultation with a panel of industry leaders, which included veteran Venture Capitalist Koh Soo Boon, managing partner of iGlobe Partners; Simon Tay, Chairman of Singapore Institute of International Affairs, Frank Phuan, Chief Executive of Sunseap Group; and Jessica Cheam, Founder of digital media platform Eco-Business.

The 10 honoured are: (top row, from left) Mr Wong Ann Chai, co-founder of Nano Sun; Mr Kelvin Lim, chief executive officer of New Resources Technology; Ms Esther An, chief sustainability officer of City Developments; Mr Wu Tzu Chiang, director of DP Architects; Mr Alan Lee, founder of Elmich; and (bottom row, from left) Mr Aloysius Sng, founder of Refash; Mr Chris Ng (representing Ms Susan Chong, CEO of Greenpac); Mr Eric Ng, CEO of Apollo Aquaculture Group; Mr Bjorn Low, founder of Edible Garden City; and Mr Poyan Rajamand, CEO of Barghest Building Performance.