Platform draws 380 investors to Asean enterprises

A new deal-making platform set up ahead of next month's fintech festival has attracted 380 investors with indicated aims of investing up to US$6.2 billion (S$8.5 billion) in the region next year, with a further US$6 billion earmarked for the following two years.

About 60 per cent of intended investment for next year is concentrated in fintech, healthcare, medical technology, and information and communications technology, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) said yesterday.

"The capital the investors planned to deploy was higher than the demand for financing from participating Asean enterprises," it noted.

The Match (Meet Asean's Talents and Champions) platform is part of this year's Singapore FinTech Festival, but extends to sectors beyond fintech. It is run by EY and curates and matches Asean enterprises with global private equity and venture capital.

Matchmaking was held from May to last month. More than 17,000 matches were generated between 380 investors and 840 enterprises, with investors most interested in start-ups and growth-stage firms.

  • 17,000

  • Number of matches generated between 380 investors and 840 enterprises, on the Match (Meet Asean's Talents and Champions) platform when matchmaking was held from May to last month.

The exercise shows "the upward momentum in both the supply of and demand for growth capital in Asean", said MAS deputy managing director Jacqueline Loh.

She added: "Match presents a great opportunity to ensure that private capital is deployed towards the development of promising Asean enterprises. MAS is committed to supporting this process."

EY Asean and Singapore managing partner Max Loh said: "On the back of fast-growing economies, a digital-savvy, young, middle-income population and high mobile and Internet penetration rates, we see a thriving entrepreneur and start-up ecosystem across Asean, particularly in technology and fintech.

"Having said that, many SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) continue to face challenges in seeking access to funding or opportunities to connect with the right investors."

The 2018 Singapore FinTech Festival runs from Nov 12 to 16.