Razer launches mask production line in Singapore

RAZER has set up an automated mask manufacturing line in Singapore that can produce five million masks monthly and be scaled up if required, the gaming hardware firm announced on Friday.

To support Razer’s effort, developer Frasers Property, co-working operator JustCo and robotics firm PBA Group have each committed US$50,000 upfront for the initial shipments of masks from the line.

Other potential sponsors have also reached out, Razer said in its press statement.

Its mask production line became operational within 24 days of initiating the project, under the 30-day target set by Razer chief executive Tan Min-Liang.

The production capacity is also higher than the firm's original target of producing two million masks monthly, which was announced on April 1.

Razer has been using its manufacturing facilities in China to produce surgical masks since March. The Singapore facility will address "the lack of high quality and reliably manufactured masks in the market as well as the lack of masks in South-east Asia", amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, Razer said.

"Unlike many other mask manufacturing facilities that manufacture in non-controlled rooms, the made-in-Singapore masks by Razer are manufactured in an ISO13485-certified controlled room environment," it added. The facility’s location is undisclosed.

Beyond manufacturing masks, Razer has also donated about one million of them, which have so far been shipped to Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and the US.

Razer’s fintech unit has also launched a US$50 million Covid-19 relief fund for partners, as well as agreed to offer Singapore fintech companies bridge financing, equity or equity-linked instruments ranging from US$100,000 to US$1.5 million.

Interested parties who would like to support Razer's made-in-Singapore masks can reach out at www.razer.com/campaigns/razerforlife.