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Say hello to technology-driven security

Enterprise 50 winner FormTeam Consultancy embraces technology to come up with modern-day security solutions

In a world where a simple lock and key doesn’t cut it anymore, FormTeam Consultancy (FTA) is working to continually push the boundaries in the realm of smart security solutions.

Founded in 2008 by partners Mr Tom Ho and Mr Frankie Pang, the first-time Enterprise 50 award winner boasts a team of 40 corporate staff members, 12 frontline surveyors and 150 dispatch security officers.

This team works closely to enhance security and integrate technology into the company’s solutions.

“We are working in anindustry which is facing a shortage of security officers, so the role of manpower is increasingly about complementing technology-enabled solutions,” explains Mr Ho. “The traditional ways of relying heavily on paperwork and manpower to carry out security tasks are slowly being phased out.”

Adopting new technology to stay relevant

Both Mr Ho and Mr Pang share that FTA is evolving into an ops tech security agency  and is looking to develop a smart workforce with situational awareness by tapping on technology.

With a shortage of manpower, the concept of “quality not quantity” applies in this industry. The focus here is to invest both in more advanced technology as well as in staff training, so that FTA officers are better able to utilise the sophisticated tools at their disposal.

Some of the solutions FTA employs are as follows:

Wireless voice communication

Zello is an Android application that conveniently transforms a smartphone into a walkie-talkie radio. Installing the app on both the desktops at the 24-hour operation control central as well as the smartphones located at assignment sites allows for quicker communication without the need for a landline.

Body worn camera

Security officers working for FTA are required to put on the body worn camera while on duty. It ensures the safety of security officers on patrolby deterring potential aggressors. It also helps gather evidence and facilitate investigations.

Visitor management system

FTA’s visitor management system allows security officers to capture visitor information via an optical scanner. This replaces the traditional “pen and paper” method, allowing officers to more easily manage and protect the confidentiality of visitors. It is also a more environmentally-friendly procedure, and makes it easier to check previous criminal recordsor screen people against terrorist watch lists.

Another security tool FTA plans to add to its current arsenalis a magnetic field to track officers while indoors.

The founders explain that with the magnetic field map navigation, the system can estimate absolute positions without any additional supporting infrastructure.

“In times of incidents and emergencies, the indoor tracking system will alert patrolling officers closest to the incident area, essentially cutting response time for emergencies by around 50 per cent.”

Looking ahead

FTA makes sure to always stay on top of the game, offering products and services that can guarantee customer satisfaction.

Mr Ho and Mr Pang say: “We keep ourselves updated with the industry by anticipating market trends. Even if the current market is stagnant, it will mean it is a good time to introduce new services and review our processes to see how we can further improve.”
The founders believe that winning the E50 award has put FTA on the map as a credible, trustworthy company. It has also brought a whole host of other benefits for the company.

Winning the award has been very rewarding for its employees, according to them. They add: “It has also been a fantastic way to meet others in similar fields. We have made many new friends and attended many programmes that are beneficial to our organisation.”

There is now also added impetus for FTA to enter the overseas market, and execute expansion plans to bring the company to greater heights.

“Companies must continue to adapt to new developments and changes. Staying still and doing what you have always been doing can no longer be an option.”