Singapore Airlines adds seats, new dates for meals on A-380 restaurant

NATIONAL carrier Singapore Airlines (SIA) has added two new dates and more seats to existing days for its Restaurant A380@Changi dining experience.

The two new dates are Oct 31 and Nov 1. Meanwhile, dinner spots have been added to Oct 24 and 25, when only lunch seatings were previously available.

The move comes after more than 900 seats available for the dining experience sold out within 30 minutes after bookings opened on Monday. Customers unable to make a reservation after 12.30am were invited to join a waitlist which was later closed. The waitlist has been reopened by SIA for customers to indicate their interest for the dining experience.

A three-hour lunch costs S$50 in the economy cabin, S$90 for those who wish to sit in the premium economy cabin, S$300 for business class and S$600 for the Suites.

On Sept 28, SIA announced that members of the public can still experience the airline's service - albeit on the ground - through three initiatives that would be launched.

One of the initiatives is the dining experience, where an A-380 plane parked at Changi Airport will be converted into a restaurant. While the superjumbo can carry up to 471 passengers, only about half the seats will be filled to adhere to social-distancing measures.

SIA shares were trading flat at S$3.53 as at 11.53am on Tuesday.

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