ST Podcast: Tread growing e-commerce investment trend in Asia with caution

Money Hacks Ep 52: Tread growing e-commerce investment trend in Asia with caution

8:48 mins

Synopsis: In this podcast series on alternate Mondays, The Business Times and The Straits Times break down actionable financial tips.

This episode is aimed at how you can make money from Asian consumer growth.

Here to explain that is our guest Nirgunan Tiruchelvam - the head of consumer sector equity research at Tellimer (formerly Exotix Capital). He has been an equity analyst covering Asian stocks since 2004. 

1. What kind of e-commerce trends should we study in Asia before investing? (0:51 mins)

2. E-commerce is an emerging sector in Asia if you want to consider widening your investment options in future. (3:05)

3. Watch the rise of old-economy companies that provide logistics, transportation and warehousing, like Singapore Post Limited for example - which is a listed company. (4:50)

4. Be wary of cash flow-negative companies that are unlisted in Asia and may not be able to continue being funded by the venture capital and private equity community in this region. (5:53)

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Edited by: Ernest Luis

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