Changi Airport partners Israel crowdfunding platform OurCrowd to tap startups for tech solutions

[JERUSALEM] Changi Airport Group has signed an innovation partnership with OurCrowd, an equity crowdfunding platform based in Israeli, to source and integrate technology solutions, the partners announced on Thursday at the OurCrowd's 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit.

The partnership means Changi Airport can access OurCrowd’s portfolio that includes 170 startups. OurCrowd will also be able to develop and test these new technology solutions in a live airport environment.

The technology-sharing agreement will span areas such as automation, retail, data analytics, Internet of Things and smart infrastructure management.

In a press statement, Bernard Siew, vice-president for innovation, Changi Airport Group, said: “With over 65 million passengers annually, we believe that Changi Airport would be an interesting test bed for startups, and subsequently as a valuable launchpad to scale up globally. Through this partnership with OurCrowd, we look forward to exploring win-win collaborations with innovative companies.”

Roland Wee, managing director of OurCrowd Asia, said this collaboration reflects the "growing impact of Asian traction for OurCrowd”.

“We are leveraging our presence in Asia and the unique network effect of the thousands of co-investors on our global platform to bridge the gap between the Asian corporates and innovative tech startups around the world," he said.