Driven by desire to apply cutting-edge technologies

Product manager Wong Siu Cheng's desire to learn and apply cutting-edge technologies at work landed her in a start-up.

She is vice-president of product management at mobile wallet and payments company MatchMove, where she rolls out software updates and tests and launches products.

She was promoted to the position in October 2017 after she started out as a director there in September 2016.

Ms Wong, 51, was previously working in American banking and payment systems company ACI Worldwide for more than 20 years before she started at MatchMove.

She was interested in start-ups. Recruiters at that time tried to dissuade her, citing low pay, but "my heart was set on going to a start-up".

Start-ups would give her the environment to learn the industry's latest technologies, she said.

"If I had gone to the banks or another software company, I might have been asked to do what I was already experienced in, which was what I did in the past."

Start-ups also gave her the flexibility to plan her schedule, as long as she did her work.

Ms Wong decided on MatchMove after the company told her the position might involve blockchain technology, which she was beginning to be interested in.

"At that time, people online were asking if anyone had heard what blockchain was," she said, underscoring how new the technology was then.

The mathematics graduate from the National University of Singapore took up a post-graduate diploma in systems analysis and IT to enter the tech industry in the early 1990s.

Her first job was as a software engineer after she graduated from the now-defunct Japan-Singapore Institute of Software Technology.

Aw Cheng Wei