Financial comparison site takes a holiday, a financial comparison site which helps others maximise their credit card points and rewards, has grounded to a standstill.

Articles that were listed on its website - including those on personal finance, travel, property and credit card benefits - are no longer accessible. Its GETdeals app, which allows users to see credit card discounts for dining, shopping, petrol and entertainment, does not show any active listings.

Instead, on its website, it told users that "something new is cooking".

Chief executive Pedro Pla told The Business Times that the company will be "refocusing time on some other projects", after plans for the original "travel-oriented" site were scuppered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Co-founded by Mr Pla and Grace Cheng in 2011, the personal finance site first found success in the US. It then launched in Singapore in February 2015.

Users could compare credit cards across different banks and sort them according to benefits such as cash back or rewards. The site then also expanded its editorial scope to include articles on travel, property and entertainment.

The startup, which was one of at least six active financial comparison sites here, earned from partnerships with financial institutions, successful referral sign-ups for credit cards or home loans, or advertising, it said.