Secret behind great working relationship

One question that Ms Melissa Lou, 30, and Ms Jacqueline Ye, 32, who founded online marketplace Delegate, get asked a lot is: How often do they fight?

Ms Lou said: "We often get asked the question that, as women, are there more conflicts because women tend to be emotional."

But that is a misconception, she added. "We have a great working relationship and friendship. It almost seems like we are married and we never ever go to sleep angry."

Keeping business interests in mind is the key to their successful working relationship, they said.

Ms Ye said: "As long as we have very clear objectives, we don't have conflicts."

The two are also candid with each other on how they think Delegate should grow. "We have been very transparent, especially when we disagree, and this transparency helps a lot," Ms Lou said.

Delegate is a free online marketplace launched in 2015 for people who are planning events to source venues and vendors such as food caterers, photographers and videographers. It charges for premium services such as customer management tools.


We have been very transparent, especially when we disagree, and this transparency helps a lot.

MS MELISSA LOU, who founded Delegate with Ms Jacqueline Ye.

The start-up with 12 employees received US$1 million (S$1.36 million) from institutional investors in pre-seed funding in January.

Ms Lou and Ms Ye met when they were working in a luxury lifestyle company and decided to go into business together. They discovered that a lot of people did not have access to good vendors when they were planning events.

They then decided to start a tech product because they felt it was also a way to help the industry innovate.

Ms Ye said: "We were very clear from day one that we wanted to start a tech product. So our core business was always going to be in tech. It was just about how we were going to do that."

As both women did not have the technical knowledge, their solution was to create a strong team that included a tech adviser.

Ms Ye said: "We are both good at connecting and meeting new people, the soft skills and building relationships."

Aw Cheng Wei