The unseen side of the Singapore startup scene

THE cult of the startup has a strong pull. But the stories of success, glaringly spotlighted in the media, obscure an unseen side - a path that, for many on their entrepreneurial journey, ends in exhaustion, depression, betrayal, broken relationships and bankruptcy. These are the stories of failure, on a personal or professional front, that never see the light. This Saturday, in The Business TimesWeekend, Brunch turns the focus on the dark side of the boom.

Our Raffles Conversation this weekend is with superstar academic Yuval Noah Harari, whose thinking out loud has helped to unpack the big questions that vex us.

From crypto to cannabis and investors' charging into the market, chasing one frenzy after another. It won't take long for the bubbles to burst. This Time Is Different tells why we should steer far from the madding crowd. Meanwhile, the larger US economy is still on an expansion path - its longest on record since the run-up that ended with the bursting of the dot-com bubble in 2001. Will the present bull run simply die of old age? CFA Singapore Insights counts the days.

If it seems like you're drowning in e-mail and alerts and just unable to get down to what you actually need to do, you're not alone. Sass & The City uncovers the productivity hacks that will help you think better and do your "deep work".

If you're also thinking about what you can do to help others, Saturday Soapbox will help nudge you along the path to giving back.

Has Creative found its mojo again with its Super X Fi headphone amp? Gearhead investigates in this weekend's review.

And in our Health page, a close look at the facts and fiction surrounding fish oil.