Claire Chiang, Business Owner and Activist

IN A WAY, Claire Chiang has always lived by the ethos of conservation.

Bridging the supply chain gap

SUPPLY chain logistics is one of the most fragmented businesses in the world, and Toby Koh, chairman of tech start-up TraMes, believes that the company's supply chain management tool will...

Powering lives with renewable solar energy

CREATING a social impact was on Vishnampet Sethuraman Hariharan's mind when he co-founded Third Wave Power, a Singapore-based company that sells solar-powered products.

Here's how you can have your regular chicken rice - and eat it too

COMING from a family with a history of diabetes, Alan Phua is well aware of the dangers of eating too much refined carbohydrates.

GTRIIP app makes hotel check-ins a breeze for guests

A DIGITAL identity platform for global citizens. That is how Maxim Tint, the founder and CEO of GTRIIP, describes his product.

Digitalising the insurance industry

IN today's hyper-connected world, much of our lives revolve around our smartphones, from calling a cab to booking your next getaway.

Nathan Yong, Industrial Designer

AFTER 20 YEARS as an industrial designer in Singapore, Nathan Yong is putting on a solo exhibition. “It’s an ego boost,” jokes the veteran designer of The Scheme of Things, Nathan Yong: A...

Staying Power

DESIGNING CD covers - that was what Chris Lee aspired to do as a student at Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Design.

From smartphones to smart blinds

mc2 started in 2004 as an information technology retailer but has since been reinventedinto a smart blinds supplier.

Back in the groove

Two years after he handed over Atlas Hi-Fi, Michael Tien returned as CEO to get the company back on track in a changing world and a shift in consumers' preferences.

A blueprint for achieving superior performance

Semiconductor firm Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company has built a culture of continuous improvement based on the Business Excellence Framework


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