Cicheti Group: Oven-baked pizzas make for fiery sales

The Cicheti group of Italian restaurants owes a big part of its success in 2020 to one food item: pizza. 

Most of Cicheti’s food-delivery menu items were well received, but pizza was by far the most popular. The group therefore tweaked the recipe to make it more suitable for delivery, and included reheating instructions so customers could still get that “fresh-out-of-the-oven experience”, said Cicheti co-founder Liling Ong. 

“I cannot thank our pizza chef Iman and his amazing team enough for their tireless focus and dedication to their craft,” she added.

Maintaining revenues was an unexpected positive from what she described as “an extremely trying year”. The group had to deal with the “slow but progressive” easing of Singapore’s partial lockdown, pivoting the business online and offering island-wide delivery.

Ms Ong is uncertain whether Cicheti’s performance will continue in 2021. She noted that performance across the F&B industry was exceptional last November and December, largely because people were unable to travel for the holidays. 

“This boost has already tapered down for January, though we are still seeing strong revenue figures. I foresee a drop in revenue once airports reopen and more people get vaccinated,” she said.

Still, it would be nice to return to normalcy, she added. “And I hope the renewed sense of appreciating the simple act of dining out will continue to spur on performance for 2021.”

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