Secretlab: Gaming chairs draw new following

GAMERS have been Secretlab’s traditional market since it launched in 2014, but work-from-home arrangements propelled its ergonomic chairs from cult status to mainstream, as non-gamers snapped them up as well.

“If you’ve settled for a wooden dining chair eight hours a day for even just a few weeks, you’ll realise that it’s really counter-productive,” said chief executive Ian Ang. “As a result of making our chairs good enough to meet the demands of this hardcore user group (gamers), we’ve also become the go-to option for anyone who simply needs a good chair to support their everyday use.”

Demand was so great that its chairs were on pre-order for most of the year. The company responded to the surge by opening up more production lines, shifting to 24/7 production and exploring alternative shipping routes. It now manufactures more than half a million chairs every six months.

Secretlab sold its millionth chair last year and has grown 30 times from three years ago. Not only did it record yet another year of significant year-on-year growth, its pre-tax earnings also “exploded” multi-fold.

Referring to the 2020 banner year for the company, Mr Ang said it was “a testament to us keeping our heads down and focusing on what really matters – creating a solid product that effectively solves a problem for our customers, and constantly improving it to be even better”.

“Nothing fuels us more than hearing a customer share how his Secretlab chair has really changed his life and saved him from backaches after long hours of sitting,” he said.

“We’re always looking to build better products and to do it right for our customers – this has been and will always remain our number one priority.”

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