Spreading the wellness message

Even as a child, Dawn Sim knew the value of health and wellness. Growing up, she played basketball with her father, and joined his cycling trips to Malaysia. When her grandparents found themselves in and out of hospitals because of cancer and mobility issues, the fact that quality of life depends on overall wellness was deeply ingrained into her.

"I fully understood how being fit and healthy is important in letting us do the activities that we enjoy," says Ms Sim, 37.

She held corporate marketing jobs but also found time to teach yoga, which she has been doing for the last 16 years.

In 2016, she decided to start her own studio, Trium Fitness, with encouragement and support from her students. The studio offers a variety of yoga classes, such as aerial and Hatha yoga.

Ms Sim says while her love for teaching and making a positive difference in others has grown stronger over the years, having her own studio allowed her to build a community that can help to benefit others.

For example, Trium Fitness has collected pre-loved clothes from members to donate to needy children in Batam; raised funds to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore (MDAS); given free classes to the caregivers of the beneficiaries from MDAS, and taught the beneficiaries breathing exercises and simple movements. "It is in growing a tight knit and closer community that makes these initiatives possible and successful," says Ms Sim.

On top of teaching classes and doing charity work, Ms Sim manages to still find time to be with her four daughters. Her husband works overseas.

"Time management and multi-tasking are two skills I greatly depend on in order to do what I do," she says. Wellness is constantly on her mind.

Wellness, she says, is a lucrative business, especially now, when people are leading more sedentary lives and there is easy access to processed foods and other conveniences. "Negative health issues are becoming more rampant, and more people are seeking help to improve their level of wellness," she says.

Ms Sim has also noticed that it is not just the young who are coming through the Trium Fitness doors. She has a steady stream of seniors coming in looking to improve their mobility and quality of life.

"Without wellness, our quality of life is negatively affected," she says. Besides spreading the wellness message through Trium Fitness, Ms Sim also shares her fitness activities on social media. She is a firm believer that being a role model is more powerful than just telling people what they should do.

"I hope to inspire others by sharing my personal experience of eating healthy, running endurance races, and also give wellness talks to organisations," she says. "The key message I try to put across is personal responsibility."