Top International: Diversifying business streams is key

THE company, which counts mining as its core business, was largely spared by the pandemic, even though demand for commodities was hit by lower economic activity globally and supply-chain disruptions. 

It managed a more than 10 per cent growth in revenue last year, said chief executive Victor Tan. “The pandemic taught us that it is important to strengthen the resilience of our business by diversifying into different business streams.”

Top International had focused on trading and mining bauxite, which is used to produce aluminium, an essential metal widely used in the automotive, construction and consumer-electronics industries. Diversifying its business stream has meant expanding its trading to commodities such as iron ore, copper cathode, sand and coal. 

The company expects to post a similar performance this year. Mr Tan said he is “extremely thankful” to be able to expand his team at this time, as the company prepares to expand into “adjacent and new areas” of business. 

Top International is also embarking on decarbonisation initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. “This will be a long-term project, one for which we may see results only in a few years, but we are glad to get this started sooner than later,” he said. 

Other plans this year include digitalisation, to integrate and automate certain “mundane tasks”, and improving internal infrastructure to support employees’ remote, physical and hybrid working styles. 

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