Towkays Speak

Even Rasel Catering has had its bad bets

RASEL Catering generates millions in turnover these days, but it has had its share of bad bets and low periods.

In 2003, the homegrown...

i.Jooz gives fresh twist to vending machines

With over 400 machines deployed in Singapore and having expanded overseas to 20 countries though machine distribution or loose partnerships, Fruits Vending Pte Ltd attempts to fulfil its mission...

Ditching corporate life to start you tiao business

IT was 2017 and Audrey Chew was looking for something new to do. She had returned to Singapore after five years of working for a Brazilian mining company in China.

"I went to fintech, AI (...

Successes that grew out of setbacks, missteps

WHILE breaking into their respective new markets and forging ahead, Udders co-owner Wong Peck Lin and Jean Yip group managing director Mervin Wee both faced their fair share of challenges during...

Irvin's Salted Egg was born out of a bleeding business

LOCAL snack brand Irvin's Salted Egg may be a regional empire now, but its famed chips were once a stopgap solution to bolster a struggling...

Furthering a philanthropic vision

WHEN it comes to entrepreneurship, it always helps to have the backing of one's family. And what better foundation is there than a family of successful entrepreneurs?

Former minister bodyguard turned security boss

Leacov founder Simon Ng spent most of his life guarding others, but has now built a company training people in the security field, and doing it quite successfully, too.

Fewer births no worry for MindChamps

MindChamps founder David Chiem thinks that there is still plenty of room to grow in Singapore and overseas for preschools like MindChamps.

Startup search engine has ambitious plans

BOOGLE, a recently launched homegrown search engine, is looking to appeal to users who are big on data privacy and want unfiltered access to information.

Big plans ahead for local vertical farm Sky Greens

Sky Greens, a local vertical farm fresh off a partnership with Nespresso, has major plans in store for the future.