The Future of Food After COVID-19

by Sarah Tan, General Manager of Deliveroo Singapore

Weston Robot sees opportunities in crisis

THEY do not tire easily, never complain and never get sick at the workplace.

Recycling food with insects takes flight

LOCAL company Lam Tak is in the business of recycling food waste. But here's the catch: the firm does so with legions of flies.

Hearti Lab brings insurance, benefits to employees in SMEs

HAVING spent two decades working in multinational corporations like Moody's and Accenture, Keith Lim never understood the pains of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

At Toffs, a desire to carve its own niche

PART postman, part security officer. That is how Toffs Technologies' co-founder and director of operations Philip Chua describes his firm's business model.

Planting the seeds for the future of farming

NELSON Lim, who co-founded an agritech startup in Singapore, likes to joke that his crops are incredibly pampered.

Ex-classmates team up to build company powered by smart technology

SOME entrepreneurs take months, or even years, to come up with a viable business proposition. For SkyLab co-founder and group chief executive Gary Kwang, all it took was a meeting over dinner.

Charting the way forward for Putien

AT 13, while most of his peers were running across soccer fields, Fong Chak Ka was doing a different sort of running. The teenager was a food runner at his father Fong Chi Chung's restaurant,...

Developing a trade portal to source for financing options

THE coronavirus pandemic may have brought about headwinds for Singapore E-Business (SGeBiz), which operates a procurement-to-payment platform for retail and food and beverage businesses, but it...

Driving the world via data analytics, AI

HAVING a system predict whether a first-year student will, at the end of his time in school, graduate at the top of his class or in the lower percentile may seem eerily prescient, but that is...