Striding towards new challenges

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Focusing on its niche

SCT Construction, which started operations in 2006, is one company that has taken steps to stay competitive. Its managing director Per Tiam Hee elaborates on his direction for the company amid a...

An inspiration for the journey ahead

THE E50 Award is a good milestone for us to take stock and reflect on where we are and where we want to be.

Delivering personalised care to cancer patients

FOR suspected cancer patients, the wait for their test results - typically a week - can be excruciating.

Passion is key for this retail player

SOME businesses find success in branching out into different sectors, but Mthai (S) found a favourable outcome by keeping its focus on one area of interest: retail.

Making use of the many opportunities in Nanchang

PLAYING golf is a must for Joe Goh on weekends. It gives him stamina, says the chairman and CEO of investment holdings firm Internet Technology Group International Private Ltd (ITG). This stamina...

Making an explosive impact overseas

WHEN you find yourself stuck in an explosive situation, what do you do? Call in the experts, of course. Enter Explomo Technical Services, a Singapore-based company that provides land remediation...

Gearing up to fire off a second engine

DESPITE Expand Construction not being in the shipbuilding trade, founder and executive chairman Von Lee Yong Miang likens himself to being the captain of an aircraft carrier.

Counting on diversification to spring ahead

HOMEGROWN rubber and foam component manufacturer Armstrong Industrial Corporation may not be a household name, but its products are found in everyday appliances - from air-conditioners and laptops...

A Digital Journey

Damien Tan, Chief Operating Officer, Benjamin Barker Group


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