Soaring higher

This year not only marks SAC Capital’s 14th anniversary — it is also the year the company won its first Enterprise 50 (E50) award.

Building on a 78-year legacy 'Great F&B Brands Since 1940'

Are some of your favourite F&B brands Magnum ice cream, Lipton tea and Knorr salted egg powder? These, along with other well-known international brands, are easily found at your nearest...

Riding the digital wave

When it comes to tackling the challenges facing the real estate industry today, consolidating resources is sometimes a smart move. One example of this is OrangeTee & Tie — formed in 2017 after...

MVI Technologies wins first E50 Award by staying reliable and adaptable

Evolving with new technologies allows E50 winner MVI Technologies to keep up with changing needs in the digitised economy, says its CEO Foo Say Juan.

Fashionably conscious

Home-grown clothing manufacturer I Apparel International Group is helping to elevate benchmarks for the apparel manufacturing industry by embracing lean sustainable manufacturing.

Say hello to technology-driven security

In a world where a simple lock and key doesn’t cut it anymore, FormTeam Consultancy (FTA) is working to continually push the boundaries in the realm of smart security solutions.

Building up the built environment

How does an engineering consultancy firm find a way to remain relevant in a saturated industry? For ECAS Consultants, it’s by keeping up with industry innovations and constantly adopting new...

Aiming for excellence

Since its inception in 2011 with only four staff, D-Team Engineering has grown into an award-winning enterprise that continually seeks to offer the best products and services to its customers.

Putting the best face forward

Contractor CKR Paints and Coating Specialist knows a thing or two about the importance of maintaining appearances.

A Digital Journey

Damien Tan, Chief Operating Officer, Benjamin Barker Group