From the corporate world to coffee farming

Chris Wanden gave up a high-flying corporate job in his forties to start Dimbulah Coffee and found success and financial freedom

Homegrown firm Actxa blazes a trail to fitness

JUST like hopping on stepping stones across a river, local fitness wearables company Actxa was formed as a result of an opportune moment. Back in 2015, parent company Activate Interactive, which...

How John Cheng is reinventing his family’s sugar business

John Cheng hands us each a rock sugar-encrusted stick that has been infused with jujube and instructs us to swirl it for exactly five times in a hot cup of tea. “Now taste the sugar,” the 37-year-...

When red-light means go: Hotel 81 founder Choo Chong Ngen's entrepreneurial journey

THE prospect of a real estate investment in Singapore's red-light district would make most investors hesitate for fear that a seedy surrounding would depress prices. But for...

Scanteak going beyond teak furniture

FAMILY businesses with multiple members running the company successfully in Singapore are increasingly rare, but furniture retailer Scanteak seems to be bucking the trend.

Fear of retrenchment pushed him into business

Five years ago, Mr Joseph Tan was working in the trading department of a financial institution when it decided to shut down the department.

Local fitness wearables company Actxa joins the fight against diabetes

Mr Lim Chun Hong knows exactly what gets him stressed out.

Keystone Cable focuses on regional growth

THE cable manufacturing industry is generally not where you would find a former high school teacher but Josephine Wang bucks the trend.

Beauty for the busy

FOR the working woman of today, time is of the essence. Gone are the days of tedious skincare routines - as the Americanism goes: "ain't nobody got time for that".

How Abhit Sud is changing the beauty business industry

If there’s one sport that mirrors Abhit Sud’s ethos in business and life, it is tennis. From the glint in his eye to the quickening in his speech, you can sense the excitement that it still stirs...


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