Entrepreneurship is the heart of all economies, says OSIM founder

THE question raised at a forum on entrepreneurship on Tuesday night is this: Are we over-romanticising entrepreneurship?

How to be a successful social entrepreneur

Social enterprises must be commercially viable, and the entrepreneurs behind them must have tenacity and create the right business networks to get them off the ground, said prominent businessmen...

Taking the F&B route and sticking with it

ASK Tan Hock Soon what the toughest part about being his own boss is in the food and beverage (F&B) industry, and he will tell you that his job is not glamorous at all.

A toast to a Singapore icon

AT kaya toast chain Ya Kun, the business operates like "one big family" - one with different roles and functions, says Jesher Loi, director of branding and market development. It's a family-...

Starting with a gem of an idea

Home-grown brand Yuli Fine Jewellery is known today for its flamboyant and bold pieces, but its founder Jessie Foo Yuli, 55, says the journey has not been easy.

Born during crisis, Times Software sees opportunity in adversity

TRADITIONAL HR processes that use outdated technology such as punch cards and local drives can be time-consuming and tedious. Citing a personal example, Charles Liaw, 59, once had to travel all...

Running the technology race

FEATS of engineering fill the cabinets and adorn the walls within Racer Technology's Changi South premises, from a calculator dating back to World War II to photographs of classic cars placed...

Vividthree riding Train to content production

Vividthree Productions, set up in 2006, is an immersive digital content production company specialising in virtual reality, visual effects and computer-generated imagery.

Round-the-clock fitness

THE last few years have seen the growth in Singaporeans taking an interest of their fitness needs, news that isn't surprising but encouraging for Andrea Bell, Anytime Fitness Singapore's director...

Catching your clicks

ALL is for the best in the best of all possible worlds. This line from Voltaire's Candide also applies to the advertisements that follow you from site to site on the open Internet.