Finding meaning in motivational jewellery

A challenging environment at work - think daily deadlines and long hours - sparked the idea for The Mindful Company, a local firm that makes jewellery etched with motivational messages.

Clothes label a creative outlet and reprieve from busy lives

By day, Ms Ng Ping Ching, Ms Sheralyn Tay and Ms Jassica Lee are busy corporate types holding stressful jobs with tight deadlines and long hours. Ms Ng and Ms Lee work in the banking sector and Ms...

Parents fill gap in children's fashion

Husband and wife Guo Zhiyong and Ho Shi Min juggle many hats. In 2015, the couple started children's shoe e-tailer, schocs 'n' schues, as a one-...

Multipotentialite and his businesses

Multipotentialite may be a multisyllabic mouthful, but it's a term that perfectly fits Declan Ee, one of those annoyingly good-at-everything guys whose personal and professional interests span...

How jiu-jitsu armed Goldbell Group’s COO Alex Chua to manage his family business

This Goldbell son has always been single-minded about being his own man. Now, he’s applying all he’s learned to the toughest task yet.

Creating perfume blends from childhood

Blending fragrant oils to create layered scents comes naturally to perfume designer Faridah Yusuf.

Mud Rock founders bond through clay

Restaurants such as Plentyfull, Le Binchotan and the Ottomani serve customers on this studio's plates and bowls.

From distributing anti-hangover drinks, to developing their own

When they were working in Japan, Singaporeans Joe Lin and Damien Loh noticed that Japanese who went out for drinks took an anti-hangover drink called Ukon No Chikara or Ukon Power.

Home-grown beauty brand going places

A DrBrand, which started with a handful of skincare products in 2009, has evolved into a 40-product line. It will make its foray overseas this year.

Tiong Bahru Market's 'chicken boy'

Mr Chan Lay Boo, 82, has been selling chickens at Tiong Bahru Market and its predecessor, the Seng Poh Road Market, since the 1950s, earning him the moniker "gai zai", or chicken boy, in Cantonese...


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