Sing Fuels powers ahead

IN industries where the principal product is identical, companies shine by excelling in other areas.

Lunch With Sumiko: Not yet 30, Rimowa CEO Alexandre Arnault is on a roll re-inventing the German luggage brand

Alexandre Arnault is a light packer. On a recent work trip to Singapore, he travelled with just a cabin bag.

Diversity is key strategy in growing his wealth

When Mr Darien Tan started his second business, he didn't think he would be working until 3 o'clock in the morning as it was merely a side project.

It Changed My Life: Playing her way into the big league of gaming

Six years ago, Ms Elicia Lee and her colleagues were retrenched from the marketing department of Electronic Arts (EA), one of the world's biggest gaming companies.

i.Jooz gives fresh twist to vending machines

With over 400 machines deployed in Singapore and having expanded overseas to 20 countries though machine distribution or loose partnerships, Fruits Vending Pte Ltd attempts to fulfil its mission...

Ditching corporate life to start you tiao business

IT was 2017 and Audrey Chew was looking for something new to do. She had returned to Singapore after five years of working for a Brazilian mining company in China.

"I went to fintech, AI (...

Successes that grew out of setbacks, missteps

WHILE breaking into their respective new markets and forging ahead, Udders co-owner Wong Peck Lin and Jean Yip group managing director Mervin Wee both faced their fair share of challenges during...

Pre-owned, unworn, big business: used watch dealers go big time

For the curious passerby, or the shopper after a new, coveted timepiece, it doesn't help that many of the used-watch shops are found right next door to these high-end boutiques.

SK Jewellery launches lab-grown diamond line of products

SK Jewellery on Thursday launched a new line of lab-grown diamonds (LGDs), catering to millennials and changing demands in the diamond industry.

Head honcho of watchmaker Audemars Piguet unfazed by strong reaction to its new Code 11.59 collection

SINGAPORE - Mr Francois-Henry Bennahmias straightens up in his seat, squares his shoulders and thrusts out his chest.