V3 drives ahead with digital solutions

V3 Smart Technologies, which has been involved in technology since it started in 2003, is now one of the leading companies in Singapore selling digital solutions. For its efforts and multiple-year...

Joey Yap, Feng Shui Master

WHEN JOEY YAP speaks, everyone listens. He commands an audience of thousands at his popular seminars and workshops, and when he's hired for a...

Wanting to be own boss, brothers take plunge into F&B business

WANTING to be their own boss, three brothers have given up corporate careers and dived full-time into an F&B (food and beverage) business....

sgCarMart: Singapore's ebay of cars

HOME-GROWN vehicle trading portal sgCarMart (SGCM) has come a long way in scrubbing clean the stereotypes of persuasive but dishonest salesmen.

MVI Technologies works to remain future-proof

AFTER clinching its first Enterprise 50 (E50) award in 2018, homegrown software developer MVI Technologies (MVI) Pte Ltd has set its sights even higher.

More China tech companies eyeing Singapore banks' lunch

CHINA tech firms are circling Singapore's banking sector, with top names having joined the race for digital wholesale bank licences here.

Toh Yah Li, Director of Light Collab

Light can illuminate a building, make a space feel cosy and even heal a rift in a marriage. Just ask lighting designer Toh Yah Li, director of Light Collab, who once met a couple who were...

Insectta sees a big future from small insects

IN THE years to come, semiconductors used in devices such as phones and computers, and protein and probiotics used in animal feed additives, could be made from the larvae of black soldier flies...

Cold storage firm that warms to customer service

THE next time you savour a juicy steak, you may wish to ponder: how do such perishables retain freshness and quality - from production to your dining plate?

SingHaiyi boss: Property leaves a legacy

FOR entrepreneur and property veteran Celine Tang, the backbone of any piece of real estate doesn't lie in its brick-and-mortar structure - instead, the human connections created and nurtured...